Important Dates & Policies

Session 1: Tuesday, September 6th
Session 2: Monday, December 5th
Session 3: Monday, March 13th

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 24th – Sunday, November 27th
Winter Holiday: Saturday, December 24th – Sunday, January 1st
Presidents’ Weekend: Saturday, February 18th – Monday, February 20th
Easter Weekend: Friday, April 14th – Sunday, April 16th
Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday, May 27th – Monday, May 29th

NOTE: Additional days may be canceled and rescheduled at end of any
given session.

•You must provide 24-hours or more notice that you will miss a class for illness or other conflict in order to get a Make-Up.
•48 hour notice required prior to a tournament conflict
•No Make-Ups Are Guaranteed. Only 1 Make-Up per session by permission of Program Director.
•You can only Make-Up a class during the same session you missed the class.

Click here to request a Make-Up.

Call Club during inclement weather to find out if class has been canceled.
Snow days will be made up at end of session.

After Sept. 11, credit for medical reasons with verification.
All credits are subject to $25 administrative fee.
No refunds of paid registrations.

IMPORTANT REMINDER TO ALL HIGH PERFORMANCE PLAYERS: Continuation in the program is not guaranteed. Due to the program’s high expectations, players are constantly being monitored and evaluated to ensure the level among all players in the classes is appropriate. Also, please be aware that some levels (mostly Futures 1 and Futures 2 groups) have more class offerings from March through June. Players who enter these classes during this period have no guaranteed spots as class offerings become more limited in the other months. It is up to the Director to approve the players that will be able to continue once classes become more limited.