Try-Out Process

online slot casinos1. Ensure the player is motivated to take his/her tennis to the next level!
2. Check the requirements for each class by clicking here
3. Request a Try-Out. Depending on the player’s UTR and USTA tournament results, one of two scenarios will apply:

Scenario 1: Evaluation Day – Applicable for players that do not meet the specific class requirements.

  • Attend one of the Evaluation Days, a 60 minute group lesson with one of the HP Coaches
  • Evaluation days will be held periodically
  • Open to all players, of ages 8 to 13, that want to take their training to the next level but do not have significant tournament experience.
  • Coaches will determine whether the player is ready for an HP Clinic Try-Out
  • To check the Evaluation Day schedule & register, please click here.

Important Notes about HP Evaluation Day:
A minimum of four players are required for each Evaluation Day and charges will only be applied if the Evaluation Day has met the minimum registrants’ requirement. Registration is on a first-come first serve basis. If the player passes the Evaluation Day, he/she will NOT be able to register for clinics, he/she will need to go through an HP Clinic Try-Out following his Evaluation Day approval.

Scenario 2: HP Clinic Try-Out – Applicable for players that meet the specific class requirements.

  • Attend an appropriate HP clinic once a spot becomes available.
  • The HP Manager will contact parent(s) as soon as a spot becomes available.
  • Player will be expected to stay for the entire length of the class (3 hours), unless the Director feels the player is clearly not ready for that level. In that case, the player will leave after 15 minutes of play.
  • To request an HP Clinic Try-Out, please click here.

Important Notes about HP Clinic Try-Out:
Charges, full lesson fee, will only be applied for players who stay longer than 15 minutes. If the player passes the HP Clinic Try-Out, he/she will be able to register for clinics, if a spot is available, or enter the waiting list if no spots are open at the moment.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Continuation in the program is not guaranteed. Due to the program’s high expectations, players are constantly being monitored and evaluated to ensure the level among all players in the classes is appropriate.

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