HP Program Requirements

FUTURES (Ages 9-11)

Started winning rounds in 12s district level tournaments
Are very successful in 10 and under tournaments

PREMIER 1 (Ages 10-14)

12s top 75 sectional
12s top 25 district
14s top 50 district

12s top 25
12s top 10 district
14s top 20 district

PREMIER 2 (Ages 15 and Up)

16s and 18s top 50 district
Varsity singles
Varsity doubles on STRONG HS team

16s and 18s top 25 district
Varsity singles on STRONG HS team

ELITE (Ages 10-14)

12s top 25 section
14s top 75 section

12s top 10 section
14s top 50 section

SUPREME (Ages 12 and Up)

12s top 50 national
14s top 25 sectional
16s top 50 sectional
18s top 50 sectional

14s top 10 sectional
16s top 25 sectional
18s top 25 sectional


IMPORTANT REMINDER TO ALL HIGH PERFORMANCE PLAYERS: Continuation in the program is not guaranteed. Due to the program’s high expectations, players are constantly being monitored and evaluated to ensure the level among all players in the classes is appropriate. Also, please be aware that some levels (mostly Futures 1 and Futures 2 groups) have more class offerings from March through June. Players who enter these classes during this period have no guaranteed spots as class offerings become more limited in the other months. It is up to the Director to approve the players that will be able to continue once classes become more limited.

For more information, call 908-359-8730