Tennis Video Analysis

Here at Nassau Tennis Club High Performance Academy we understand that there are many aspects to being a top notch tennis player. One of those aspects is having sound mechanics and great technique. Marc Hill, the Director of Player Development, believes that great technique is not just the combination of correct mechanics, but also the time and the order in which they occur.

The video analysis lesson will not only allow you to clearly identify areas that can be improved in your game, but also show you how correct them. You can’t fix the problem if you don’t know what is wrong!

Benefits include:

  1. Have your strokes analyzed by the Director of Player Development, Marc Hill, and identify the roots of any technical problem, as well as pin-point similarities between your strokes and the those of the ATP and WTA stars
  2. Marc will communicate with your personal Coach, here at Nassau, and provide clear insight into areas that need to be worked on as well as how to best address those issues
  3. Videos will be recorded with a High Speed Camera which allows a clear visualization and analysis of key components of your strokes that are missed by regular cameras

Date/Time: On specified recording days


- On court: Video recording of forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, and serve during High Performance training sessions. Player will pick three strokes to be analyzed by Marc Hill

- Off court: Stroke analysis, on computer screen, with Marc Hill and access to videos at home

NOTE: Stroke analysis with Marc Hill will need to be scheduled on an individual basis

Included features:

- Videos uploaded on Tennis LMS website (videos will remain private and unsearchable )

- Slow motion analysis of all recorded strokes

- Receive links to your videos, with comments, via email

Cost: $100

To request your videos:
Contact Joao “Jay” Pinho, Dir. of College Placement & Programs Development, at or the front desk at 908-359-8730.